PIRB (on ERC20) — PEPE’s brother from another father!

3 min readJul 14, 2023
PIRB is the smart brother of PEPE, whose father was a speaking parrot.

PIRB is PEPE’s half-brother, resulting from his mother’s affair with a speaking parrot. He hates PEPE to death.

He doesn’t understand why his mother and the whole world love PEPE so much when he is much smarter and better looking than that lazy, fat ass frog.

PIRB loves showing off his luxurious lifestyle; he drives a Maybach, has girls around and smokes cigars while sunbathing at the pool of his mansion.

His mysterious powers make him incredibly intelligent, and despite appearing arrogant, he enjoys using his skills to help others.

He believes that his life will be complete once he manages to receive love from his mom while bringing PEPE down.


Website ➡️ sellPEPEbuyPIRB.com
Twitter ➡️ twitter.com/PIRB_ERC20
Medium ➡️ medium.com/@pirb
Whitepaper ➡️ pirb-erc20.gitbook.io



69,420,000 $PIRB


1% of the total supply




0% Buy — 6% Sell

Anti-Jeet Taxes:

  • If you sell within the first 24 hours after your first ever buy, you will get taxed by 20%
  • There is no reset, your first ever buy’s timestamp is considered
  • After 24 hours have passed after your first buy, your wallet will be taxed by 6% for sells forever

Transferring tokens to another wallet does NOT circumvent these rules.

Tax usage:

Taxes will be mainly used for buy-backs of PIRB tokens

  • 50% of buy-backs will be locked away forever in order not to lower our market cap
  • 50% of buy-backs will be put into the PIRB bonus contract

PIRB features a bonus programme:

You can claim 25% of your PIRB buys as BONUS if you decide to hold your PIRB tokens for more than 7 days without selling any PIRB tokens at all.

How does it work?

1️⃣ — Buy PIRB tokens
2️⃣ — Hold them for 7 days without selling any PIRB tokens at all
3️⃣ — Claim your bonus via our bonus smart contract

This 25% bonus can be claimed every 7 days if you don’t ever sell any PIRB tokens!

❗️ If you decide to sell or transfer PIRB tokens at any time, you will not be able to claim any bonuses!

❓ What happens if you don’t sell but buy more PIRB tokens? Will the 7 day timer reset?

No, the timer does not reset, but you HAVE to claim your rewards 7 days after your FIRST buy, otherwise you won’t accumulate any more bonuses.

Example for buying more:
1 — First buy on launch day
2 — Buy more 3 days later
3 — Hold for 7 days after first buy
4 — Visit dApp to claim your bonus
Result ➡️ Your first buy will receive the full 25% bonus, your second buy will receive a bonus for 4 days [Token amount * 25% * (4/7)]

⚠️ Only tokens achieved by buys from the UniSwap pool are eligible to receive bonuses, transfers or bonus tokens don’t receive any bonuses.

PIRB’S AI bot can be found under t.me/PIRBAIBOT

Full ChatGPT 4.5 connection with following abilities:

  • Text 2 Text
  • Text 2 Voice
  • Voice 2 Text
  • Voice 2 Voice

Works in Telegram supergroups and direct messages, chat history in direct messages available for full conversations.

Has full access to OpenAI API, replies properly to the context it is given.

Voice output of any response, also supporting a lot of languages. Can be used as Voice Translator.

Different voice models selectable.

Free usage with limits, premium model later on.




PIRB 🦜 is the smart brother of #PEPE, whose father was a speaking parrot. Get access by buying $PIRB! Website: sellPEPEbuyPIRB.com